November 07, 2011

Almost Winter

Well, it's official now... winter has finally arrived in Scammon Bay.

These past few days we've finally gotten our first taste of some "mild" winter weather. Temperatures have been down in the 20s and 30s during the day (without accounting for the wind chill) and we have gotten about two to three feet of snow, though our drifts are much more impressive!

The villagers have started switching over to snow machines (snow mobiles) and 4-wheelers are become less and less common around town. This also means that we have all put away our rain boots and switched over to snow boots. Mine are a pretty average pair and are only guaranteed to keep my feet warm up to -40 degrees. These boots are strictly for outdoors which means that they migrate from the classroom to outside to our arctic way (think of a mudroom). We all wear slippers or socks inside our homes and teachers usually keep a spare pair of shoes in their classrooms.

When we all get together for dinner (or to celebrate a baby's first birthday) this is usually what the arctic way looks like.

Overall, nothing too bad yet. It hasn't been too cold and once the airstrip gets cleared in the mornings (or afternoon, or early evening) we are able to get airplanes in and out. Rylie, my roommate's dog, also thinks the snow is pretty awesome!

I mentioned at the beginning of this post that all of this is "mild" winter weather, we've been told that it will get so much worse over the next two months. Now, the 70 mph winds heading our way from the south tomorrow may be the beginning of some real winter weather...

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