November 25, 2011


Teaching in the bush is sometimes an exercise in just how creative of a teacher you can be. Here was my creativity challenge: The day before Thanksgiving + shortened periods + low attendance + random writing standard that needed to be addressed.

The solution? Thanks Turkeys!

We started by creating an acrostic (writing standard, check.) Then, we created some super cute construction paper turkeys (day before thanksgiving, check.) Then we put our acrostic onto the turkey feathers and gave them to people that we were thankful for. The project took about 45 minutes (shortened period, check.) and kept the kids engaged.

I started with an example turkey.

The students could write things they were thankful for that either started or ended with the letter in the acrostic. If they were really ambitious they could write their turkey as a thank you card to someone in their life they were thankful for.

Some turkeys did not get finished.

Some turkeys ended up with three eyes.

And some turkeys were the sweetest things I had ever seen a student write.

For her mom. So sweet.

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