November 29, 2011

The Apartment

Thanksgiving is officially over and Christmas is on it's way. Yay! This is my favorite time of year and my excitement is multiplying the closer I get to heading back to Colorado to visit the family.

While tearing the links off of my paper chain patiently waiting for our vacation, M. and I decided to deck the halls of our apartment with some holiday cheer. It was a little difficult since there are no trees on the tundra and shipping up a tree would take a crazy amount of time and money, but we prevailed!!

Armed with only one strand of lights and a Linus Christmas Tree, we at least managed to make our kitchen look a little more spirited. (Thanks to Kathy, our state mentor, for the lights!)

This also gives me a chance to post other pictures of my apartment since it seems I never did that... whoops.

The arctic way is the entry way to our home and the door separating the arctic way from the kitchen is actually our front door. This room is similar in concept to a Japanese genkan, just with a freezer and lots of snow supplies.

Just inside our kitchen is the coat closet. M and I should apply to be spokesmen for Columbia. Look at that closet!

Our downstairs is just one big open living area. It's kind of small and can feel cramped at times, but the furniture is comfy  and the dogs like the coffee table. 

Upstairs is just two bedrooms and the bathroom. This is my room... it's tiny. 

...and that's it. Small. Simple. 

Home for now.

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