June 25, 2013

Summer and Loving It!

I've officially been back in Denver for over a month now and I couldn't be happier. In addition to picking up some summer bar tending shifts on the weekends, Parker and I have been loving all the fun in the sun! I'll admit, I went through total temperature shock when the weather climbed into the 90s and refused to leave the air conditioned house for a few days, but eventually I got over it and am thankful that no triple digits have been sighted (yet!)

Summer is cruising by and I can't believe my June cell phone bill is already due! Seriously? Where has summer gone? May was spent getting settled into Denver. I bought a few new furniture pieces, including a HUGE dog bed for Parker, and unpacked all of my stuff. A lot of winter items have been packed away and quite a few of them will be making an appearance on Craigslist once the weather gets cooler. Can't wait to say goodbye to the parka!

Just ten short days after M. and I parted ways in Seattle she showed up at DIA for our annual vacation. We spent an amazing week and a half tooling around the Front Range, drinking our way through downtown and munching up all the food we encountered. including some amazing Brazilian BBQ that M. treated me to for my Birthday. We welcomed June with a bang, celebrating at our favorite concert venue with our favorite DJ and some delicious mixed drinks. Talk about starting the summer right! 

M. with some good ol' summertime hail!
I also introduced M. to some class III and IV rapids on the Arkansas river and tried to show her the beauty of the I-70 corridor... unfortunately M. does not enjoy a 6am drive as much as I do. 

We parted ways just as the first week of June was coming to a close with promises to keep in touch and meet up in London for Christmas. Since M. is moving to Kuwait for her new job Europe is the new logical meeting point. Darn ;)

The theme for the rest of June was establishing my new stomping grounds in the Denver area. I've staked a claim at a fun local coffee shop, found a gym between home and work, toured my new school and seen my schedule (full time world history teacher FTW!), and purchased a car to cover all the ground in-between. 

I'm hoping the theme for the upcoming month of July is going to be travel. There are trips to Los Angeles, Boston, and Nantucket in my near future to visit some of my closest friends and enjoy their new home bases that they've set up away from the Rocky Mountain state. 

I'm not really sure what's going to happen with this blog. It all started as a way to stay in touch with friends and family while I was in the north, and now that I'm back I don't know what I'll write about. So I guess for now I'll bid all of my readers a fond adieu and wish you all a wonderful summer!

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  1. Keep the last weekend of September open--from what I hear that's the weekend of the baby shower. :D