February 02, 2012

Groundhog Day

I've neglected my blog! I'm sorry it's been a while since I posted.

Sometimes time seems to move differently up here. Maybe it's because the days are shorter. Maybe it's because I'm so busy that the day (short as it is) flies by before I notice.

And maybe it's because every day reminds me of groundhog day... the movie, not the holiday.

I have a pretty established schedule for every day here. It consists of getting up before the sun (I know, not difficult when the sun rises AFTER school starts), going for a run, showering, prepping my day, teaching, tutoring after school, planning for the next day, fixing dinner, reading, and going to bed. Day after day this is what I do and before I know it, BAM! The month is gone and I've forgotten to take care of at least three things and keep in touch with people back home.

Even my clothes have started to repeat in a pattern that I find a little disconcerting now that I think about it. Monday- red sweater, Tuesday- black hoodie, Wednesday- teal shirt... Note to self: switch up organization of closet. 

For February I am going to try and put some variety into my schedule, but with the temperature hovering around -22 before you factor in the wind chill (feels like -59 today) I don't know how much outdoor activity is in my future.

Maybe I'll find a fun hobby to write about...

Happy Groundhog Day!! Add some spice to your life and have a great February (in case I forget to write again).