May 14, 2013

Wait! I have a Blog?

Apparently I forgot that I had a blog...

That's a lie, but I really just haven't had too much that I wanted to blog about. Some time around March I put myself on autopilot and decided to just power through until I could see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Since the last time I blogged (when we were in Anchorage for Aca Deca) the following major things have happened:

1. Winter Fishing
The weather was finally nice enough for us to head out to Smith Point, or just down to the river, and go ice fishing. I am not a huge fan of Pike (the fish we fish for), but there's always someone willing to take my daily catch off my hands. Really it's just nice to get out of the house and see the sun again, even if it's cold and windy.

2. A Trip to Colorado
In early April I used my accrued personal time to fly home to Colorado for vacation. It was a much needed break, even if so much travel in such a short amount of time made me a little loopy. While I was there I got to spend a little time with family and very close friends, enjoy some tasty beverages of the alcoholic variety, and cruise on up north to attend a job faire. I had 17 interviews in two days and by the end of it all I don't even know if what I was saying made sense to anyone.

3. Culture Week
I came back to Alaska just in time for culture week. I did not teach out of my home like I did last year, but this year instead opted to teach sewing to a mixed group of 7th-12th grade students. Some students made quilts, others made pillows, and some created some really adorable stuffed animals. I'm not sure how cultural it all was, but now all of these students can sew on buttons, make button holes, and create their own patterns.

4. Prom, Graduation, Senior Banquet
They happened, I survived. I feel pretty accomplished since this week of events always feels like the longest for those of us who work in the high school. I didn't count my hours of overtime, but I do know that the only reason I left school when the sun was still up is because it doesn't set until well after 11pm.

5. Robbery
Yup, you read that right. A group of middle school student broke into not only our house (they nabbed my phone, not much else is left to take since M. and I shipped out our stuff), but also broke into and vandalized our neighbors house, and trashed the school truck. My phone was eventually returned to me thanks to an honest student who noticed it was mine and stole it back for me (Student of the year maybe? I think so.) and it had lots of nice incriminating photos and video on it that I gladly handed over to the Alaska State Troopers.

6. End of the Year
This one hasn't happened yet, but it's coming up this Thursday and I'm psyched!

I head home this weekend and I can't wait to permanently ditch my rubber boots and settle back in to the Colorado lifestyle. I'm happy to say that my Colorado trip payed off and I will be returning to good ol' 303 as a high school teacher.  It only took four years, but I finally get to do what I love in my favorite state ever.

See you soon CO!

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