July 08, 2011

The One With An Alaska Update

I haven't posted about Alaska in a little while, so I though I would let all of you lovely readers know what is going on there.

Truth is that I haven't found out too much more about what is going on with my job in Alaska since my initial contract signing in April. I still don't know what classes I'll be teaching, what the daily schedule looks like or what kind of supplies will be waiting for me. My living situation is a whole different story! I guess I'll start in the beginning and continue from there; that always seems to be the best plan.

My awesome-tastic roommate! Whom we shall refer to as M =)

In May I began emailing back and forth with another new teacher to Scammon Bay from Oregon. Through hundreds of emails (not even a little bit exaggerating with that number) we discovered that we were both the same age with similar goals and hobbies, and were both totally in love with football. Rather than leaving our living situation to chance, we emailed the retiring instructional leader and asked if we could start planning our trip as roommates.. he agreed.

Since then we have both plunged into the craziness of packing. We've been comparing our Amazon purchases and recommending winter clothing to one another... a difficult thing to locate in the throws of a hot Colorado summer.

Monica will also be bringing her dog, Rylie, to live with us and I am thrilled! I am leaving the trusty side-kick dog Sadie, who is 15 and too old for the journey, and my 5 year old kitten, Pi, at home with my Dad. Truth is that Sadie is actually my Dad's dog and I doubt he'd let me take her even if it were possible.

I leave for Anchorage the evening of August 4th, less than one month away! When I arrive in the city there will be 15+ hours of sunlight each day, which I'm sure will completely decimate my internal clock and make me feel like a road weary traveler before my journey has even really started.

I will spend a little more than a week in Anchorage doing shopping and in-services before traveling the last few hundred miles to the village where I will stay until my trip home for Christmas.

My job here in Colorado is done next Wednesday and everything is actually starting to feel real! My paperwork is in, my airplane tickets are purchased and I officially do not own any summer clothing save for three T-Shirts.

Alaska, here I come.

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