September 09, 2012

Missing Colorado

Every once in a while I get these cravings for home. They almost always have to do with the mountains and are usually at their worst in the fall when I want to be hiking or watching the leaves change. Then again they're pretty bad in the winter too when it's time to snowboard, and in the spring when I would love to be snowshoeing.... I guess I just miss the mountains all the time.

Today my homesickness hit rather unexpectedly when I clicked on a link a friend posted on Facebook. It's a video of a great band playing at my favorite concert venue. It made me think of the concert I saw there this summer with M. The artists couldn't get over how awesome the crowd looked from the stage and took many, many, many pictures... which is normal for Red Rocks (you can see why in the video).

Today I miss you Colorado, and especially you Red Rocks, can't wait to be back at Christmas.

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