March 18, 2012

Things I Did Today Instead of Drinking

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I hope many of you enjoyed your drunken festivities and celebrated this wonderful day with lots of green beer and good music. This was the first year I haven't partaken in any St. Patrick's Day revelry, haven't had a celebratory glass of Guinness, haven't debated whether or not to go camp out for Kegs n Eggs. You see, none of these choices were an option for me this year because almost 8 months ago I moved to a DRY village. (That means no alcohol, whatsoever... not one drop.)

I woke up this morning and was greeted by a message from one of my closest friends. It simply read:

A good portion of the world is celebrating drunkenness and enjoying themselves today....but you are stuck in a location that is "dry" and cold as balls...ready to come back to civilization? 

And it was then that it struck me that not only was I missing St. Patrick's Day, but I was missing St. Patrick's Day on a SATURDAY. Talk about missing an excellent party. Oh well...

Instead, I was determined not to let it get me down and darn it, I was going to have a wonderful, productive day. So, instead of drinking, I accomplished the following things:
  • A walk to the post office and store for some wonderful exercise in the balmy -2 degree sunshine. Not even close to "cold as balls," just a bit chilly.
  • Procurement of Starbucks coffee grounds and some new, yummy non-dairy creamer!
  • Talked to Dad on the phone.
  • Two loads of laundry
  • Shoveled dog poop.
  • Dug out both our storage door and our neighbor's back door. 
  • Moved out the horde of boxes from our crawl space into the exterior storage. 
  • Moved the extra cabinet out of the living room into the crawl space. 
  • Deep cleaned the entire downstairs. Carpet, counters, oven, couches...
  • Deep cleaned the puppy. Bath, nails, pad fur, teeth...
  • Chaperoned St. Patrick's Day dance to raise funds for high school NYO.  
  • Wrote a blog post.

See, I know how to really have fun on St. Patrick's day! Who needs friends, beer, and random drunken Irish and Irish-wannabes having a loud party in the streets of downtown? Okay, maybe I do a little bit.
So, to answer the question that started my day, I am feeling a little ready to go back to civilization and I know in two months I will DEFINITELY be ready to go back. But I did get to watch two middle schoolers dance with the trashcans on wheels while their friend danced with a mop, and three of my students forcibly dragged me onto the dance floor for the final dance.

All in all, not a bad day. I do miss my beer, but I did drink a Mountain Dew today. That's green... ish....


  1. If it makes you feel any better, the only thing I got to do on my St. Patrick's Day was wait tables for grumpy tourists. I was too tired when I came home to even have a glass of wine...

  2. Mountain Dew is leprachaun pee, so that's pretty darn close! I didn't drink St. Patty's day either - the day before, now that's a different story! Liz - I almost shaved my head! Seriously! Being drunk at a St. Balrdick's event is not a good way to keep your hair.... It was a very close call!