March 16, 2012

The Life of a Sidekick

Oh Hey!
Chelsey hasn't posted in a while and even I'm starting to notice her blogger-laziness so I thought I, as the Sidekick, would give you an update.

This month, my first month as an indoor dog, had already showed me what a dangerous world the inside can be. Chelsey has been fighting many battles and I have been helping her win each battle! I am THE BEST sidekick ever!

The first battle we fought as a team was against the bathtub. Chelsey seemed to think this would be a hard battle to win and came prepared with all kind of stuff to bribe me to stay in the tub. HA! She didn't have to worry, I LOVE the water (there's a strong possibility that my dad is a lab.)

Mornings are another time when I'm not sure how Chelsey could have survived without me by her side. She wrestles the covers every morning, trying to tug them back up the bed and restrain them under the pillows. I, of course, am very helpful and hold them down for her.

Weekends are the toughest battle time of all! Each Saturday, Chelsey takes her dirty clothes downstairs to wash them and that's when it happens... the white plastic triangle monsters assemble and wait. These white plastic triangles are very patient enemies, they wait and wait and wait, sometimes for hours while the clothes get cleaned. When she brings the clothes back upstairs the plastic triangle monsters JUMP out of the closet and attack!!!! Chelsey has to grab them and wrestle them into the clothes so that the clothes can go back to their home in the closet. 
I help by holding them still.

Sometimes she puts off this battle until I remind her it needs to happen by taking her clean clothes out of the basket and dropping them by the closet door. It's better to face the enemy than fear it!

Man, being a Sidekick is tough work....

Stay tuned for more of my blog, I'm sure I'll write more if Chelsey doesn't get over her blogger's block.


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