October 03, 2011

Teacher In-Service: Bush Style

In-services in the bush are just a little different than in-services down states. This is largely due to the fact that our district is the size of most normal sized states and we have no roads. So, the teachers here in Scammon jumped on two chartered caravans and flew to our neighboring coastal village: Hooper Bay.

The in-service wasn't too bad. We all slept on air mattresses in classrooms in the school and got to take the mattresses home as our freebies... so if anyone is planning to randomly show up on my doorstep, I do have a bed for you!

The major highlight of the in-service, though, was getting to take a trip out to the beach. Yes, I am aware that I live in a coastal village that is also right next to the Bering Sea but we do not have a sandy beach and it is not an easy trek to get out to the sea.

On this particular trip we got to see tons of starfish, jellyfish and collect sea shells. It was freezing cold and incredibly windy but still beautiful!

I came home with pretty sea shells, some additional knowledge about teaching, enough sand in my pockets to create my own mini-beach and a mild cold. Monday morning, here I come!

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